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At Janey’s, our goal is to find the pieces that are a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Our Personal Stylists are super friendly and available when you walk in the door or pick up the phone. They know just what you need…sometimes even before you do! LEARN MORE

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baby registry

Get ready for baby’s arrival at Janey’s. We have everything you need to outfit baby from that itty-bitty nose down to those tiny little toes!  Come in, have a “mommy-mosa,” put your feet up and let us help you register. CONTACT US

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Aquatalia Weather Proof Boots at Janey’s

Life doesn’t let up for bad weather. Aquatalia exclusive weatherproofing and stain-resistant technology. Aquatalia technique begins during the initial tanning process when supple leather and suede skins are immersed in a state-of-the-art sealant. A uniquely designed drum allows for complete and even coverage. Stitched seams are filled with a liquid sealant to inhibit water penetration.…
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